Requiring Any Degree
  • October 30, 2013
  • Peter Christoper
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“If you want to get success in life, get a college degree!” is the statement you hear when you need the best guidance over career selection. Well, if you see, getting a college degree with good grades is something that shares a broader picture in the current scenario, yet in just the reverse manner. Contrastingly, let us make that easy for you to understand. If you got top grades in your bachelor’s degree, you would be tracked for superior domains of job profiles. If you got below that, there is still someplace for you in the corporate world and success. But “fortunately,” if you got the least, then that’s your direct ticket to follow your dreams! Well, that was something in the ironic tone! If you do not have a degree and seek jobs, it is never impossible to crack the various six figures jobs!

Something deep!

Before you count on the figures for your job, let your brains brush up a little! Does making a six-figure salary tied up to the success you have? Indeed, anyone out there would get a whole long book telling that money doesn’t buy happiness, yet, it is a way for us to have a stable and prosperous life. Interestingly, being successful can be defined over three aspects, financially, socially, and emotionally. Conventionally, the least you can have of a degree is a two-year associate degree. Yet, some young millennials do not track any of the degrees in their story! Also, if you find any statement suggesting investing in a degree before getting eligible for a job, get your heads to turn up from that place! That is indeed, false. There are exquisitely many top-quality careers for people who do not possess a college or an associate’s degree.

Moreover, most of these jobs only require a high school diploma. Some of the job forums may also ask for the certificates or the papers of the on-the-job training or the other licenses, but a degree? Well, not entirely!

Many people long for a decent job, salary, and everything. But, what if they want all these things without completing any degree. Is it possible?

Yes, and how? I am going to tell you about the several jobs which you can consider as a dream job without any hitch.

The best paid jobs without a degree!

  • Fashion Designer –

one of the most creative fields. Where one gets to show their creativity in terms of fashion.

As we can see, the fashion industry is rapidly growing. Fashion designers are in great demand from both domestic and international circuits. If you’ve got fashion skills, then this field is for you. The growth prospect is immense. However, competition is immense, but if you think you can catch up with the deadline and are ready to plunge in fashion, go for it. Fashion is all about glamour. You get chances to wear your clothes to celebrities and prominent people. The salary is very decent. You get paid per assignment.

  • Writer –

you can opt for this option if you love writing; it doesn’t matter from which field you are. If writing is in your blood, then this field is for you. It takes only your love for writing. Nowadays the writing field has taken a long leap. Earlier, this field was not considered as a career option, but now many people are going into it. As in writing, you need only your writing skill, not any degree to show. There are also several writing fields, like Article writer, Blog writer, Editor, Proofreader, Creative writer, and many more. Demand is ever-increasing thanks to social media.

  • Professional Athletes –

have you ever come across any professional athletes who have done any sort of degree? Maybe you would find it, but the majority of the athletes do not have any kind of degree to fulfill their dreams.

Thanks to many sports tournaments that are being played. A professional athlete is in high demand. You can become an athlete or coach depending upon your experience. For entry-level, you should first try your hand at an athlete. The situation of athletes has changed entirely, and then it was earlier. So it’s a good job option to earn while playing.

  • Musicians and singers –

many of us are bathroom singers, but if you have a passion for singing, then this field is searching for you. Money is good. If you give your best, then you can be the next celebrity. You would get name and fame. Though the competition is high as there are many singers out there but don’t worry, you can prove your iron. It takes longer to settle but once you get that position, then it’s easy to get all that you want.

  • Models –

if you’ve got a good physique, then models’ industry is best for you. You need not have any qualified degree to prove your talent. Many people come to modeling just because of money. It offers a great opportunity to start your career. All you need is a good body figure as the fashion industry is growing as the demand in models. You could also earn a name as well as fame.

  • Transportation and distribution manager

If you are good and planning, directing, organizing, and coordinating the various transportation activities, this is the best option for you. You would also be in charge of the storage of multiple products and materials. Indeed, you just have to check on the good and the services and match them all to the correct destination- just like a puzzle! Well, that is something interesting. Opting for this career would make a robust median salary. Talking about the job growth, that is well settled with the national markings on an average. Moreover, you need a high school level certification for getting started with this job listing.

  • Commercial pilot

How about being a pilot for a plane? To those fascinated with the aviation industry, the job role of a commercial pilot would be the best option for you. While you opt for this choice, if you have a high school degree and a commercial pilot’s license, you can get qualified for the higher pay scale in the profession. Interestingly, the commercial pilot’s license can be completed in just six to eight weeks. There are many courses that can help you get through right at the top. Talking about the job outlook, that stands strong for any commercial pilot. In the current context, the profession is expected for a growth of 8%, so that means there would be 44000 jobs in this section by 2026.

  • Elevator technician

There are numerous underappreciated risks that are involved in the functioning of the elevators. The demand for top-quality elevator installers can be seen surging to higher numbers each year. Even without a college degree, these professionals are paid hefty amounts. Well, tracking the patterns from the last many years, this profession is likely to grow dynamically, thanks to the multi-use facilities. Remembering that even if you get hired in this profession, constant learning and development will keep your higher salary intact with the changing times.

  • Claims Adjusters

How about investing in various insurance claims? Well, that could be a thrilling job! There is numerous insurance fraud that gets unchecked by millions of insurance companies, that ruin them in the long run. So, these companies hire people to investigate the claims and schedule the various interviews involved with the insurance tactics. If you have been a former police officer or worked as an investigator, it is perfect for you.

  • Broadcast and sound technician

There are indeed many people who contribute to the final product of any television news script or that of the radio broadcast. The process accounts for various dealings other than just the voices you hear. You can work as a sound engineer. The growth in this field comes from the different audio equipment and is a great way to earn well without a degree.

In conclusion

Earning a high salary, preferably a six-figure paycheck, can be possible even if you do not have a college degree. Well, in any job, whether it is related to the technical domain or that of the non-technical ones, you have to be on the learning modes for higher growth. That is the simple rule that follows all of them. Other areas where you can find your ways are entrepreneur and inventor or can work as a freelancer.