We at Generalfinanceblog.com acknowledge the importane of privacy. We respect the privacy of our readers, clients and also of casual visitors, who frequent the site. We have set our privacy policy guidelines to ensure their rights of privacy are protected.

The privacy policy followed by Generalfinanceblog.com applies exclusively to this site and doesn’t apply to any other site that may get a mention on Generalfinanceblog.com. Any site acknowledged on Generalfinanceblog.com has its own privacy policy regarding data collection and visitor’s privacy rights.

Generalfinanceblog.com holds exclusive right to operate in the site in whichever way it deems necessary. We may collect visitor information from all corners of the site such as the online commenting section, newsletters and online forms that necessitate users to share their personal and contact details such as names, email ids, and phone numbers.

Collection and log files

The server that hosts Generalfinanceblog.com can automatically the domain name and IP address of the visitors. By IP address we mean is internet protocol address or the unique IPv4/IPv6 address depending on the region, from which the user accesses the site. The log files that we retrieve from our server contain not only the IP address but also the ISP, the browser, the operating system and the time of visit.

Nevertheless, Generalfinanceblog.com guarantees that the personal details will not be shared with any third party or made public. The website may collect data from anonymous traffic sources to use them for marketing or site improvement purpose. It’s our guarantee that that such information will not be shared.

Browser cookies

We rely on browser cookies to obtain user information. We store the cookies and with their help, we collect information regarding which areas of the site users prefer visiting and which areas don’t interest them. As we get to know a visitor’s personal preferences and how he is interacting with the site, it becomes easy for us to offer him an immersive user-experience next time.

Of course, site visitors can change the browser setting and refuse to accept the cookies. However, we must tell you that doing so will hamper your interaction with the site as some features may not work.

Advertisement policy

We use third-party advertisement on our site. Our advertisers may use web beacons and cookies. Advertisers like Google use cookies to find patterns in a user’s web browsing. They display adverts to them on the basis of previous browsing history, which qualifies as one of the patterns.

We may put Google Adsence ads on the site. Google uses DoubleClick cookie to understand user behavior. Site visitors can decide not to use DoubleClick cookies. Options to ignore DoubleClick cookie include installing software and using third party sites to opt out of cookies from Google and other third-party online advertising platforms.

Use and share of user information

At Generalfinanceblog.com, we assure the site visitors that their personal details will never be shared with any third-party website without their prior and explicit consent unless the law forces us to share the information. In such cases, we’ll share personal information only with government bodies or agencies that are affiliated by the government.

However, we are at liberty to use the information at our discretion to revamp the website and the blog, and to improve the site visiting experience. All the data collected by us will be used for the internal purpose.

Information from anonymous sources

We use information obtained from anonymous sources among the traffic that the site receives. We may use the information for our internal purpose. Any information pertaining to transactions done on the site may be shared with business partners and advertisers without revealing the financial information of the parties involved in the transaction.


Visitors who subscribe to newsletters may receive email whenever a new post is published. We may also inform email subscribers about new events, impending changes on the site, promotional offers, new announcements, etc. Email subscribers may refuse to receive emails by opting out of subscription setting.


At Generalfinanceblog.com, we prioritize security. We are fully aware of the fact that any loss, alteration or misuse of information amount to breach of security. We follow robust security measures to make no security violation happens. Safeguarding user details is our priority. So is preventing unauthorized access. However, in case of a server hack, we cannot assure you of data security.

Comments and third parties

The comment section of the website accounts for interaction and engagement. Comments that are published on the site become public as in any visitor on the website can see them. Generalfinanceblog.com cannot be held responsible for any information divulged in the comments. We request everyone who visits the site not to reveal personal or sensitive information in the comments.

The links third party sites take visitors to sites that are in no way controlled by us. Third party sites have different privacy policies. Before using those sites, users must thoroughly go through those policies, so no misunderstanding arises.

Site updates

At Generalfinanceblog.com, we hold the exclusive right to add content, delete content and make other changes on the site. We also hold the right to bring changes to our privacy policy. We may not reach out to each single visitor and inform them about the changes in the privacy policy. It is the responsibility of the visitors and users to review the privacy policy from time to time to make sure they understand and agree with all terms contained in the privacy policy page.