Crumble Financially
  • April 18, 2016
  • Peter Christoper
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The financial side of business is the one that can often get forgotten in the midst of everything. Whether you’re getting your products and services ready or working on your site and marketing, it can be easy to take your eyes off the ball. It might hit you in unexpected ways, but it can hit hard and cause your finances to crumble in a way that the business crumbles with it. Obviously, that’s just not allowed. So we’re going to take a look at things you should be ensuring so this doesn’t happen. From preparations before starting the business to practices to keep up all the time.

Safe loans

Most businesses are going to need some sort of outside assistance in getting financed in the first place. Crowd funding and going to investors are a couple available options. But most businesses will make use of business loans. Which means they need to be careful about the kinds of loans they take out, exactly. Not everyone offers the same and interest can pile up in a way you might not have anticipated. Select a reliable business loan. Use official services instead of friends and family. Make sure your credit is spotless before applying to banks. Consider online as well as physical lenders.


Your loans aren’t going to be the only payments you make regularly for the sake of the business. Insurance is just as big a part of your finances so it requires just as much careful thought. An insurance quotes website is one way of comparing the different plans on offer. Of course, your business will need insurance. Financial collapse comes most often when something unexpected requires a lot of money to fix. Getting back to the status quo as quick as possible is necessary to start getting money back and that’s what insurance allows you to do.

Employee safety

Insurance will often cover the costs of worker’s compensation. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to avoid it as much as possible. Whatever your workplace is, you have to understand the potential risk to your employee’s health. In trades, it means training and having the right safety equipment available at all times. But in an office, it means something different. There’s serious risk to a person’s back and legs that comes from spending hours in front of a computer. Not to mention that slips, trips and falls can happen anywhere. Be vigilant when it comes to employee safety.

Knowing your finances

The biggest risk that can’t be covered by insurance is, in fact, the owner of the business. Not knowing and tracking your finances is a good way to miss noticing serious dangers. You could be bleeding money without really knowing it. Put together a proper cash flow plan and track all your expenses. Get a keen eye on where money is going in and going out so you’re never unsure how much your business has and should have in future. If you lose track of it, that financial crumbling could come at any moment.