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  • August 24, 2022
  • Peter Christoper
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Highest Bonus Paying Shares – Hello friends, there are many companies giving bonus shares in the Indian market in 2022, which have made shareholders rich by giving bonus shares from time to time. If any company issues bonus shares from time to time, then it is seen making very good returns for the shareholders in the long run.

Today we will talk about the 6 AC shares that have given the highest bonus till 2022, which have been seen giving tremendous bonus in the last few years and in the coming time also these companies are fully expected to issue shareholder bonus shares. Let us know about these shares in detail-

Highest Bonus Paying Stocks

Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd:-

Motherson Sumi’s name is definitely seen first in the list of highest bonus paying shares, a company associated with the legendary auto sector. Ever since the company got listed in the market, the company is getting ahead in the matter of giving bonus shares to its shareholders. Motherson Sumi has a record of issuing 1 bonus share for 2 shares for a very long time, the company has so far given huge earnings by issuing bonus shares to its shareholders 9 times.

Although the company has taken some delay in issuing bonus shares due to the pandemic for some time now, but as soon as the share price will be seen going up a little in the coming days, you are going to be seen issuing bonus shares soon.

Wipro Ltd:-

A company associated with the tremendous global IT sector, which is seen in the list of top 3 companies in this sector. From time to time, the company is seen far ahead in the matter of issuing bonus shares. Wipro has made its shareholder rich by issuing bonus shares 13 times for its shareholders so far, in the coming short time also it is expected that Wipro shares will be seen issuing bonus shares to you. And also in terms of returns, Wipro Ltd seems to be a good company, if you are a long term investor then this company looks very good in terms of bonus and returns.

Infosys Ltd:-

Infosys Ltd, a giant in the IT sector, has been seen issuing bonus shares from time to time to its shareholders for a long time, the company’s long-standing bonus record has been quite good. Most of the time Infosys has been seen distributing bonus shares to the shareholder only by the amount of one share instead of about 1 share, so far the company has distributed bonus shares to the shareholders 8 times. The last time Infosys had issued a one-time bonus share in 2018, since then it has not yet declared the bonus share, so in the coming days, the top contender appears to issue the bonus share. If you invest in Infosys shares for a long time, then along with getting tremendous bonus shares, you are going to be seen earning good returns as well.

Bonus Paying Shares 2022

ITC Ltd:-

If we see the bonus giving shares in the coming years in 2022, then the ITC Ltd shareholder gets a lot of forward looking forward to issue the bonus shares. In addition to rapidly expanding its business in the ITC FMCG sector, it has also given very good returns to the company shareholders in the form of bonus shares for a long time. So far, ITC has been able to issue bonus 7 times to its shareholders, and in the coming days also, all preparations are being made to issue bonus shares.

Larsen & Toubro Ltd:-

Larsen & Toubro, a company associated with engineering and construction works, is seen as one of the leading companies in India. Larsen & Toubro is seen as a strong company in the domestic and international market in large engineering and construction related works. L&T Share has given its shareholder a very good return in the long run as well as giving the shareholder an opportunity to earn by issuing bonus shares. So far Larsen & Toubro has issued bonus shares about 10 times and looks forward to issue bonus shares in the coming days as well.

Castrol India Ltd:-

Castrol India, a giant associated with the petrochemical oil sector, is seen quite ahead in the issue of bonus shares. If you look at the bonus history of the company, it is continuously distributing bonus shares to its shareholders, if you have held the shares of Castrol India for a long time, then you must have got a good amount of shares. So far, the company has distributed bonus shares about 10 times and in the coming days also, there is full hope of distributing bonus shares to its shareholders.

Advantages of Investing in Highest Bonus Paying Stocks

Benefit of Dividend: –

Whenever any company issues bonus shares, the amount of shares held by the shareholder is also seen increasing, due to which if ever the bonus paid company pays the dividend with the shareholder already. Due to the holding of more shares, there is an advantage of getting maximum dividend.

Barhotary in share price:-

Most of the company issues bonus shares to the shareholder whenever the trading value of the share price is very high, due to which the share price comes down a little bit and with the increase in the trading volume in the share of that company. Good growth in the share price is seen in a short time.

My Opinion:-

There’s no question that stocks with the highest dividend payouts look very good to long-term investors, but one should never invest in any company just by looking at dividend stocks. You should always invest in stocks of companies with visible business growth. So remember, don’t forget to seek help from your financial advisor before making any investment decision.