Camping On a Budget

Although camping might seem to be quite an interesting, exciting yet cheap adventure to embark on, it is always happy and merry for everyone else. It is very difficult to make something as easy as camping to work out for the benefit of everybody. It is true that camping definitely seems like the type of adventurous trip where you can just jump on the bandwagon of supplies and start your way. It does not always work like that.

Because camping is actually pretty effortless and does not require much from an individual, that’s exactly where a person goes wrong with his or her decisions. In other words, you could probably get overtly excited about your camping trip and end up going overboard with your expenses.

Let’s have a run-through of the type of questions that literally run through your mind before camping –

  • Is this the first time you’ll be camping?
  • Do you have the required camping gear and supplies?
  • Who else is going to accompany you?
  • What is your budget?

The last question is your cue to experiencing a happier and merrier camping. The key is – Budgeting.

Now you might ask, ‘what’s really there to budget for an activity like camping, duh?!’ Well, budgeting, especially for camping, is about a lot more than what you are aware of.

Here are some things that you could go wrong with while you are planning your next camping trip.

Are you buying a tent?

The infamous question arises, ‘To buy, or borrow?’ Yes, ask this question to yourself a zillion times before you barge into that shopping mall and purchase a tent. And just to make things better for you here, tents are not really that cheap or inexpensive as you might think. Even if you are considering the smallest, one-room tents available, they can cost you as much as $70 and more, and don’t even think about those two-room tents that cost a minimum of $150.

So, what do you do?

Well, you don’t steal but you borrow. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars over something that might be readily available, you can just borrow one from someone you know. I agree that the tent might not be to your liking. But it can still save you quite some amount of money if you are really thinking of budgeting your camping trip.

Are supplies that expensive?

Camping is all about making things interesting. And trust me; malls these days have started selling a massive range of camping supplies, right from bottle holders to portable kitchens! You can make your small little home in your tent by choosing the right supplies. But beware of places like sky Mall where you will end up burning a hole in your pocket, just for damn supplies!

So, in this case?

Again, go ahead and borrow! You do not have to necessarily nag one person for all of your camping supplies. You can mix it up and borrow supplies from friends and family, or use some stuff that you already have at home.

Where is the campground?

Forget everything we spoke about tents and supplies. You will just about forget everything else when you realize that renting camping grounds turns out to be costlier than anything else. While all those ‘supplies’ and ‘extras’ could be expensive, the rents of different camping grounds will be your next nightmare while budgeting.

The cheapest place to camp?

Instead, camp at a cheap place or national park. Finding such cost-friendly places is not really that daunting. You can research online or even ask for recommendations. National parks too make a good deal for camping.

Do you want to boil shrimps?

By this, I mean, think about your food costs when you are done with thinking about everything else. How are you picturing an ideal camping in your head? Sausages over grills, dressed salads, grilled meat? Always keep this tiny bit of advice at the back of your head that there is no room for leftovers while you are camping. There is no refrigerator or any other facility that can store leftovers for the next day. So is that grilled meat really worth the effort?

Yummier choices?

You don’t need to go overtly traditional with your meals just to save a few bucks. You can offer something more savoring to those taste buds to feast on such as burgers and hot dogs. They are simple, quick, and easy to make, without really cost you anything. And I promise that these simple yet savoring dishes will make your camping a lot more enjoyable.

The Bottom line:

Camping is about keeping things sweet and simple. However, not everybody has the ability to keep things that sweet and simple. It is just your chance to experience the same enjoyable and happy camping trip by cutting down on your expenses. Good and wise budgeting always helps you keep things to the point, because ‘less is always more’.