Best Rewards Credit Cards
  • January 16, 2013
  • Peter Christoper
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How about putting a cashback for every deal you make for the home items in the nearest supermarket every month?

Indeed, that calls for more savings in terms of the amount that gets scratched in the daily processes. Right from the billing payments to various other subscriptions, having rewards for every purchase would make a mutual profit in the market. You can effectively earn points, cash, or even miles with the rewards credit cards. In this fast-evolving digital era, you can redeem the amount for money, travel, or shop in the way you wish. Contextually, if your financial terms qualify for good credit without any monthly balances in your name, you can enjoy the most generous rewards with the rewards credit cards!

Not all rewards cards are created equal. A rewards card is like footwear. What might be an excellent fit for one person may very well chafe on another? Some people adore their airline-affiliated cards, for example, while others complain about how hard it is to redeem their rewards for a flight. Many people like the effortlessness of cashback cards and others like to see how much value they can squeeze out of their reward points. These cards are also like shoes in that they can get a little down at the heel with time. Rewards can get harder to earn or redeem, or both. Competitors may offer shinier new models that might be a better fit for your individual needs.

Something to meet the present context!

There is a broad array of rewards credit cards that are available for you to select. But, in the present scenario, the unfortunate situation of COVID-19 has led to many changes for the different reward plans for varied sections. Like, since traveling is one of the direct sequels that can affect the risk of spreading the virus, some current modifications have paced its way for the betterment of humanity. As far as the reward points are considered, it is just a matter to select the right card for your requisites. Moreover, it is essential to understand the reward programs. Using your card frequently for all digital transactions can be an excellent idea for securing higher and gracious rewards. The process of redeeming the points can be directed for various categories like shopping, travel, and many more!

Interestingly, if you love to travel, you may be more benefitted with the travel credit cards. But, in the present context, COVID-19 has put those on hold! But, even if you have gained some points in your travel credit card, they can be redeemed for its usage at any time. Preferably, for travel credit cards, you can have the full usage after the pandemic gets over!

On the other hand, you can use the rewards credit cards for buying gif cards or ensure those statement credits that can help you to pay for your groceries. With these cards, you can also bank the rewards for future travel. Interestingly, these rewards credit cards are necessarily helpful and functional for people who prefer digital mode of payment than in cash type.

Before diving in to know some of the best rewards credit cards in 2020, let us understand the various benefits that you will be getting and the importance of getting cashback right in your pockets!

Benefits You Earn from Reward Cards

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded? Practically no one. So when you get rewarded for shopping and spending money, life doesn’t get better, does it? Almost all banks offer Rewards Credit Cards. With a few cards, you can earn 1% Cash Back on all purchases. Some offer low rates that beat the National Average by more than 3.50%. There’s no limit to the amount of cash you can earn. You could get 1% cashback on all purchases. Always make 1%–there’s no limit on the amount you can make. For easy redemption, the Cash Rewards can tot up to your credit card balance. Cash Rewards cards come with all the significant advantages incorporating no annual or balance transfer fees, no–fee Advance Transfers, Web Branch account management, Money Management Tools, and more.

Choose the Best Reward Card

Review the available options on offer ever so often to make sure you’re still getting the best possible deal. Whether it is for travel, cashback or savings, there would be one perfect card for an individual. It might be time for a switch if your rewards card doesn’t leave you rewarded.

Do Not Carry Credit Card Balance – To Get Best Rewarded

Ideally, you shouldn’t carry a credit card balance. If you do, you’re not a good candidate for most rewards cards, since they are inclined to have higher interest rates. Look instead for a low-rate card to help you pay off your debt. On the other hand, if you have great credit, the richest rewards cards are reserved for you.

Today, the informed consumer has stoutly touted the fact that they’re willing to sacrifice ongoing benefits in return for more lucrative immediate perks. The issuers have responded in kind. Reports state that the average cashback initial bonus is nearly 40% dearer than last year, and the average points or miles bonus is more than 20% more lucrative. But the naysayers are doubtful on their part. How long can the party last they enquire.

Take one bank, for instance. This year, issuers agreed to a $7 billion settlement on transaction fees that could chill rewards. Part of the agreement included a reduction in the interchange fee for the next eight months. Merchants also will be allowed to charge people extra for using a credit card, which could discourage credit card use.

The bigger picture for the current market!

Recently, the U.S News surveyed the rewards credit cardholders to know about their preferences in rewards, redemptions, and earnings. What, according to you, can top the lists?

Indeed, if you choose to earn rewards, you follow into the priority lists of the surveyed result! While most of the cardholders redeemed for cash back that opting for any other kind of credit card rewards. Now coming to the annual fee that any rewards credit card has a charge on, the numbers for getting off with the yearly fee were the majority! Some of the people who went on for paying the rewards credit card annual fee were those who opted for worth in benefits for the cards’ rewards. Undoubtedly, the card cost can be a significant concern for the people who expect functional redemption of points for their bill payments.

Now, you know the various benefits and the surveyed approach of the rewards credit cards! Get ready to make the best purchase for your requirements with the best rewards for the credit cards of 2020!

Rewards credit card to choose from!

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

If you are one of those who often go for dining and traveling stuff, this card might appeal to you the most. With these, those purchases would earn you 2 points per Dollar. Well, it also offers points on many other purchases. For that, you will get 1 point per Dollar. The chief benefit of surmounting this card’s purchasing aspect is when you redeem the rewards points for travel options. As soon as you choose this option, the points are worth 25% more!

  • Hilton Honors American Express Cards

If you are a vivid traveler and want to purchase Hilton products at minimized costs, you can opt for this rewards credit card. You can earn up to 7 Hilton Honors points per Dollar when you choose to stay at Hilton Hotels and 5 points per Dollar for all U.S supermarkets and gas stations.

In conclusion

Opting for rewards credit cards for the payment modes can be effectively helpful for you to secure the reward points that can have various usage platforms. You can have great discounts for an extensive range of products with the redemption of reward points.