Make Extra Money

Now that they holidays have come and gone, millions of American’s have turned their thoughts to their goals for the New Year. One of the most commonly set goals? Bringing home more money.

Whether you have a goal you’re working towards (home renovations or vacations, anyone?) or you simply want to bring home more money for your family, we could all stand to make a few extra dollars. Discover some quick and easy ways you can bring in more cash in 2018.


There are a wide variety of things you can recycle in exchange for cash. Companies will take trash you collect or old electronics and safely recycle them, paying you to bring the items in. Note that you aren’t going to make millions on recycling, but you can earn a few extra bucks if you recycle the right item with the right company. Find a local collection point that accepts the items you’re going to recycle. From bottles and cans to scrap metal, computers, and cell phones, you can earn extra money.

Online Surveys.

There are a ton of great apps available, like Inbox Dollars and Swag Bucks, that will actually pay you to take surveys. You have to qualify to take them, but when you do, they only take a few minutes of your time. The best part is you can log on anywhere, any time to start earning. These are free services that will also reward you for doing other simple tasks like utilizing their search engines or sharing links with friends and family through social media. Each survey and task is valued at something different, but if you’re diligent you can stand to make a decent amount of extra money.

Pet- or Baby-sit.

Lending your services to friends, family, and neighbors is a great way to bring in some extra money. There are always people looking for sitters. Post flyers around your area and make friends and family aware on social media. You can also create free listings on sites like Craigslist or to spread awareness. Don’t forget to list your hourly rate!

Sell What You Don’t Want.

Gone are the days of cluttering the closet with kitchen appliances you don’t use. Apps like LetGo and PoshMark allow you to open up a thrift shop right in your own home, giving you the power to sell things you don’t want, need, or use in return for cash. It’s as easy as snapping a picture and uploading it with a price you determine. Most often, the cost of shipping and a percentage of your earnings are deducted, but if you mark the price up a bit, you still stand to make a decent amount.

Bring in some extra cash in the new year!

Brought to you by Mayer Metals, a sheet metal distributor that recycles scrap metals.