Money-Savings Tips to Rule the Budget

Planning for an extended vacation in your favorite destination can charge heavily on your pockets in the present scenario. Indeed, according to the American Express, about one in every three Americans plan to spend at least $1000 per person on their next summer vacation. So, if you are a family of four, track down the expenses as $4000! That is huge, right?

So, money-saving plans for getting into the most fantastic vacation with a carefree way to handle all your financial terms can be effective for an enjoyable experience. In fact, if you are planning for an international vacation, that would be a huge budget buster for you, maybe something you realize after the vacation! On the other hand, adding up for the modest weekend gateways and those affordable weekly tours can save a lot of money for your next trip!

There’s nothing worse than coming back from a great vacation and realizing that your trip to the ocean is going to have you up to your ears in debt trying to pay it off. Oftentimes, the stress of paying for a vacation deters many people from taking one at all. However, with a little creativity, compromise, and strategy, you can have a great vacation and keep your wallet happy as well.

Getting onto the loud numbers!

According to a recent study, Americans report spending an average of $1979 annually for their summer vacations. On the other hand, most of the people, accounting for a percentage of 48% of people cannot afford it. Well, interestingly, the average amount of money is spent by the people who choose their vacation destination with geographical limitations. If you belong to the western states, then this figure is ruled by you. Fro0m a recent report from the western states like California and Washington, it is recorded that people expect to spend an amount averaging around $2,265 on their next vacations. While to beat the path in a similar fashion, people from the Northeast also opted for spending more than $2,000 as their trip expenses.

If these loud numbers do not contain a reasonable explanation, we are left with 53% of the total American population with the notion of planning a vacation. Interestingly, around 60% of people were against the favor of opting to spend on the summer vacations as they could not afford it!

Thus, it is essential to plan thing s accordingly for a carefree vacation before you count in for booking your tickets for the next trip! Scroll down till the bottom for exploring the numerous money-saving tips for your next vacation.

Money saving ideas

  • Travel during shoulder or off-seasons.

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get a discount on a vacation and yet it is also one of the most underused. Sure, taking a “Winter Break” week in the Caribbean might seem like a great way to beat the winter chill back home for a week or two, but remember, everybody else is having the same exact thought as you. Instead, consider traveling during shoulder-seasons (the time directly before or directly after peak-season) or even off-season. The streets, restaurants, and attractions will be much less crowded therefore cutting down the time you’ll be standing around waiting in line.

  • Fly (or drive)smart.

Airline tickets tend to be astronomically high and if you’re traveling with a family, they can suck your bank account dry before you even get to your destination. However, the general rule of thumb is the earlier in advance that you buy tickets the cheaper they will be. Additionally, remember that Friday through Monday tends to be the busiest days to fly and therefore tickets are more expensive. If you buy tickets well in advance, schedule your flights on Tuesday through Thursday, and make use of any frequent flier miles or vouchers that you have you’re sure to get the best prices. Also, consider whether flying is even necessary. A 12 hour drive may not seem like the most glamorous experience, but if it saves you hundreds of dollars that can be put towards your actual vacation time isn’t it worth it?

  • Get smart with your smartphone.

It is rare today to find someone that doesn’t have a smartphone, but so many people don’t realize it that smartphones are actually, well, smart.

Apps like TripAdvisor, Zagat, Groupon, Foursquare, Kayak, and TripIt are must-have utilities for first-time and frequent travelers alike and can make traveling much less stressful and much more cost-effective.

Bring your own everything. How “free” is that free continental breakfast? How much are the mint mouthwash and lavender shampoo in your room really hiking up the rate? Chances are the answer is a lot. Most hotel rooms come with refrigerators and microwaves and you can save more than you ever thought by stocking up on instant-oatmeal, dry cereal, sandwich ingredients, and canned soup or pasta and using them to make your own breakfast and lunches every day. If you have kids, stocking up on granola bars or crackers and their favorite drink will save you from having pay for the same things (albeit, at extremely hiked-up prices) at tourist attractions. Brining your own toiletries and staying at a hotel that doesn’t offer all of the luxury little soaps and shampoos can also trip down the price of your vacation significantly.

  • Start a savings account or “vacation fund.”

While you are planning and jotting down the names of your to-be-visited destinations, you can always start off with the most modest approach. Creating a savings account or the “vacation fund” can be an effective way of heading further. Apart from the money that you would deposit, the savings account can also be effective for making your children understand the importance of money-saving. For instance, suppose you can save an amount equaling $38 per week. Calculating the amount to accumulate for bearing your vacation expenses would be over $2000!

See, how that got charged up right from the chunks! Well, that calls for a real psychological impact after getting a name to that account number 123456. That’s interesting, try now!

  • Being specific with the car rentals

Traveling to a new city or a country can be exciting, but how about traveling to different destinations?

Indeed, you would require car rentals. So, it is essential to be specific to the car rentals. For instance, the one-way car rentals are sometimes more expensive than twice, then the price of the standard rentals. That becomes prominent in cases where a traveler has set two locations from different states. Well, opting for an affordable car rental facility after doing a bit of research can save you massively. In fact, you can also opt for various car rental coverage. Many credit cards and some insurance can also provide you with just that. It would be amazing if you could Check it all in advance for making the use of your credit cards for an affordable trip. Remember, you just have to pay the amount that you would be able to cover in the future!

  • Traveling to places where your currency can take you further

If you have a set budget, your vacation would be just like a king! If not, you would always in that monotonous calculative old man look! Well, that king’s feeling can be more visible if you are planning for the destinations where your currency can make you travel further. For instance, whether a family plans for a vacation in then most states or the far ones, there is always a list of destinations that give you a huge bang for your buck. So, planning accordingly can save you a lot from those unnecessary expenses in any vacation.

In conclusion

Remember, a great vacation doesn’t have to come at an even higher price. By being strategic, savvy, and willing to give a little, you can get a lot more and have a trip to remember. Setting a budget for your next vacation can be the most modest steps for your financial treasury. In fact, people who plan well in advance have a better approach for getting through the most exclusive sites in any state or country. So, get your notes ready for budget planning that saves a little more on your pockets.