Insurance Companies
  • December 7, 2012
  • Peter Christoper
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Security is a myth and insecurity is the only reality. The concept of insurance sells well because we want to tame our unforeseen and possible disasters. Numerous insurance companies are doing business in USA but all of them are not equally famous and efficient.

Here are 10 best insurance companies in USA. Dealing with them means complete relax of mind, no matter how bizarre your requirements are.

MassMutual Insurance

Being established in 1851, the company has earned a name for providing comprehensive and competently-priced insurance policies all these years. A long time, you must admit. The company has frequently gone through a series of ups and down. The good point of this company is its reliable service and comfortable insurance pricing.

The Hartford Insurance

This insurance company is highly reliable and has made its name to the Fortune 500 listing. As per the data collected in 2011, the company has amassed $21.9 billion revenue and has more than half million customers. The company is a specialist in multiple insurance dealings including employee benefits, homeowner policies, group insurance, business insurance, mutual funds, annuities, car insurance policies and many others imaginable.

AIG Insurance

It is a big name in the USA as well as more than 30 countries.

The company deals in property casualty insurance. It is also a renowned specialist in life and retirement insurance plans.

Fidelity Insurance

Fidelity Insurance Company is a premier insurance provider. The company provides a whole lot of insurance policies in different spheres including international insurance planning for reducing tax on real estate property and also on those assets which generate income. Pocket-friendly pricing and reliable service are the highlights of company’s policies.

Prudential Insurance

This insurance company is 135 years old and almost a household name. This USA Company has branched into Latin America, Asia and Europe. It is very much trustworthy and offers a plethora of good insurance planning for all budget frame.

Metlife Insurance

The company is well known for its wide range of offering and flexible insurance planning. Aside the most common types of insurance policies like health or accident or home and car insurance policies, the company also provides credit insurance. Metlife offers good retirement policies too.

Farmers’ Insurance Group

This insurance company has its head quarter in Los Angeles. This company is under control of Zurich Financial Services. It provides life insurance, car insurance, commercial policies and other different types of functional planning. According to a recent survey, the company has more than fifty thousand insurance agents.

State Firm Insurance

It was established in 1922. The company is enrolled in the Fortune 500 listing. Throughout this long time span, the company has earned an overwhelm growth. The company provides regular insurance policies like health insurance, car insurance, business insurance and also some additional offers like condo insurance, boat insurance etc.

Allstate Insurance

The company has spread its activity throughout Canada. Being set up in 1931, it now holds second position in line of personal insurance providers. The head quarter of the company is in Illinois. The present wealth of the company is estimated to be $32 billion.

Travelers Insurance

The company is very innovative in its strategic approach towards insurance offering. It was the first that took initiative in offering insurance for space travel (really amazing, isn’t it?) and discounts for hybrid car insurance.