IRA Investments

If you have an IRA, then you have plenty of options to let it grow so you can retire comfortably. You definitely have options for a better range of investments with an IRA than you would with an employer sponsored plan like a 401(k). However, too many options can make certain IRA holders too excited. Do not rush into investing with your IRA. It’s important to think smart and consider both traditional and nontraditional options.

It’s common for many IRA holders to invest in stocks, mutual funds and bonds. What really matters, however, is that you put your money in an option with the potential for progressive growth in the future. There is little point in investing in a stock of a certain sector if that sector is already unstable. You will need to read the news and keep up with the latest updates to know where to put your money. Here are several financial and gold IRA options in 2017 that you may want to consider:

Gold Coins

This is certainly one of the nontraditional IRA options many people fail to consider. Gold is not necessarily an investment vehicle. Rather, it’s a hedge against economic downturns and runaway inflation. Keep in mind that your IRA will have to last for 30 or 40 years. It’s not easy to say what sort of economic problems the future will bring. You should never expect the economy to be rosy throughout. Planning ahead with investments in gold will protect your profits from an IRA from being wiped about by a financial calamity. Gold coins are a good option for owning physical gold because they are easy to store and move. The Treasury only approves select types of gold coins (collectibles are not eligible) for IRAs. Find a reputable broker and protect your future investment with gold coins.

Research IPOs

IPOs have at times been quite popular for IRAs. Research IPOs in particular can be lucrative because you can invest a little today and enjoy enormous benefits decades from now. Next year, tech and science research IPOs seem quite promising. Tech stocks are no longer seen as a stable form of investment, largely thanks to the election of Donald Trump. The populist President Elect’s stance against China has made the tech industry very nervous. Also, the populist powers that propelled Trump into the White House may not be too keen in tech advances like self-driving cars and trucks, which will wipe out many blue collar jobs across several states. So rather than putting your money in tech stock, consider tech research IPOs that are not necessarily subject to politics.

Real Estate

Most people stayed away from real estate investment following the financial crisis. However, the sector is looking up as another excellent investment option for IRAs. Property is always a favored option for retirement investments. Even if the market dips once in a while, property has long term value. So real estate is definitely an IRA option you should consider in the following year.

ETFs are also another good option that’s traditionally been favored, and looks good for the upcoming year as well.