Social Media Marketing
  • October 20, 2016
  • Peter Christoper
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Overwhelming and increasing presence of internet maddies on social media networking sites gives enough proof of how much popular these media websites are. As a business owner, your regular activities on these sites will give your corporate venture an immediate and widespread exposure to the global audience.

These websites are easily accessible and advertising on them is a low-cost way of brand promotion. These days, people are occupied with so much work that they don’t have the luxury of time to go for shopping every now and then. Social media sites are a good platform to inform them about your brand and upcoming launches. You can easily get feedbacks and suggestions from the media users.

Followings are a few valuable tips on how you can make the most of social networking platform to promote your business along the length and breadth of the globe.

Create accounts and pages on the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. The objective is to create brand awareness. Give an informative account of your business, website URL, products, services, contact details etc. Also make it sure to throw in answers for the FAQs that your potential customers may ask. This way, the customers will get answers for their queries as soon as they visit your web page.

You can set up a link between your website or blog and these social media websites. This is a way to technically cajole the social media users to click your website link. You can also invite the users’ attention by offering coupons, discounts etc and they will easily get to know about these lucrative offering from the social networking sites. Your website must have a subscription section that will allow the visitors to leave their email address. This way, you can personally contact them to inform about your forthcoming offers.

There is an old adage, “If you love water, water will love you back’. The same holds true for your customers. Interact with them on social media sites. Know about their preferences and what they have to say about your products and services. Without customers, you are nowhere on the business map. Give importance to their suggestions and they too will shower interest in your offers.  Be regular with your updates on these websites. All these are good tactics to engage with your customers more and more.

Video promotion is a new-age online strategy for advertising. Make videos about your products or entire business and promote these in YouTube. Videos offer the customers a great opportunity to view what you sale.

Share your views and expertise to educate people about your brand. Also ask for people’s insight. Reputation builds up this way. Reputation is the most important asset for a business person; it shows you have won the trust of your customers.