Tax Prep Services

Let’s face it, taxes are a headache. No one likes paying them and no one likes doing them – which is probably why tax prep services are so popular. Whether it’s federal, state, or local tax returns, getting them done by a professional makes life so much easier.

However, simply opening up shop and offering tax prep services is not enough – with the rising competition in the market, promoting your business and its services is of the essence. And there’s no better way to carry out smooth and successful client acquisition than by engaging in some well thought out marketing.

Here’s how you can acquire new clients for your tax prep services:

1) Push Email Marketing

Email campaigns are the gold standard of marketing. And creating thorough email journeys for your potential tax prep clients that target them at every opening is a surefire way to onboard customers. 

Start by drafting a content plan for your emails – gather all the information you want to cover, split it into categories, and create a staggered timeline. Once you have a plan set out, then you can get onto the actual email design. Simply head onto PosterMyWall, browse their selection of professional email templates, and pick one that suits your aesthetic. 

All that’s left to do is customize, fill in your content, add visuals, and send it out to your email list. And since PosterMyWall is extremely beginner-friendly, you’ll save up on both time and resources since you can do the work yourself – it’s a win-win with guaranteed results! 

2) Start a Referral Program

Snowballing is one of the best marketing techniques in just about any business – and in something as essential as tax prep, it does wonders. Starting a referral program for your tax prep services will essentially mean enlisting people to talk about and advertise your business to their social circle – whether it be friends, family, or followers – and these can be both existing customers or third-party hires. 

Start by creating a brief package that contains complete details about what you’re offering, the vocabulary that you want attached to your brand, and exactly how you would like your services presented to potential clients. Once done, explain and train this to your referees – since they’ll be acting as the face of your business, it’s important for them to be on the same page. And if you really want to boost sign-ups, then you can offer a special discount or deal for members availing your service via a referee. 

3) Run Paid Ads

Organic marketing is great, but sometimes you need to enlist a little paid help – and there’s nothing wrong with that! Proven to bring results due to their highly selective reach, paid ads on websites and social media platforms are great for targeting potential clients. 

Start by selecting your platforms – a good beginner place is Instagram or Facebook – and then get onto designing your visual. Make sure your graphic has a mix of pictures and text along with important details of your service and a contact method. Once done, select your demographic including details such as location, age, and gender, amongst others. 

Now all that’s left to do is run the advertisement and track results, making changes and edits based on the feedback!

4) Develop a LinkedIn Presence

Instagram and Facebook are great places to run advertisements, but when it comes to actually marketing your brand with your own presence, LinkedIn is the ideal place for tax prep service providers. Not only is it inundated with businesses and individuals that would be in need of this service, but it’s also known as a business hub where different services are being marketed. 

Create a page with a professional profile picture, a banner that outlines your services, and a bio that clearly explains what you do and why people should choose you for their tax prep needs. Of course, that’s not enough to get clients on LinkedIn – you’ll also need to post regular content that talks about tax and related topics so that your page can reach the relevant demographic. Remember, the key to succeeding on LinkedIn is consistency – and once you nail that, you’ll have clients overflowing!

So, if you’re looking to acquire clients for your tax prep services then these marketing strategies are what you need to get started. Just make adjustments according to your business and the rest will be a success!