Credit Card Debt Consolidation Calculator
  • June 2, 2014
  • Peter Christoper
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Getting out of debt in a short span of time seems a hectic task. Well, not for all, but for some who are hesitant to get on the progressive wheels for taking a personal loan, the process may seem more stretching! You can also go for a firm decision with the help of the best consolidation loans for 2020!

Credit card debt is indeed a threat to general financial circumstances, and you need to start calculating how much you can save using a credit card debt consolidation calculator. For those who intend to consolidate multiple credit card debts and get debt-free, these calculators serve the actual purpose. Consolidation to wipe off the credit card dues is a practically new trend in the debt industry; however, it is gaining popularity, and a lot of people are walking on this path to divest themselves of multiple credit card debts. Although the basic purpose of credit cards is to make the purchasing process more comfortable, a lot of people swipe credit cards irresponsibly and thus end up in a pool of credit card debt problems. Easy access to credit cards and the tendency to overspend is the major cause behind debt accumulation. This often necessitates signing debt consolidation contracts with lenders and assessing the best payment alternatives on hand.

Credit card debt consolidation program

Once you opt to go for a debt consolidation program, you gain from reduced interest rates and lowered monthly payments. With credit card debt consolidation service, you can pay all your credit card debts in a single consolidated monthly disbursement. Nevertheless, there are some important things that you must take into consideration when using the credit card debt consolidation calculator. For instance, you need to keep in mind the amount of existing loans, dues, and anything else related to the same that you want to refund instantly. In case you are uncertain about the accuracy of the loan amount, it’s advisable to take a look at some of your current statements.

A credit card debt consolidation calculator: making your calculations easier!

  • A credit card debt consolidation calculator is a useful tool introduced by debt consolidation companies to help people come out of the debt trap. This calculator is certainly an easy-to-use tool, which makes it simpler to make an objective estimation of one’s income and debt predicament. That way, you can save a lot of money by signing in a debt consolidation program offered by that company.
  • The credit card debt consolidation calculator helps you in figuring out your probable monthly savings. This is possible with an intelligent and well-calculated combination of the different debts into a single one. This results in lowering high-interest charges and can also make the loans tax-deductible.
  • With a credit card debt consolidation calculator, you can find out how long it’ll take to repay all your dues. The using process of this calculator is quite simple. You just need to fill in all the fields about the monthly amount, and hit on the “calculate” button. This will bring up the results showing the total amount you would have to pay compared to your current installments. When you compute everything clearly, it’ll be possible for you to select the best finance management program, based on your individual financial circumstances.

Ways to consolidate credit card debt!

Contextually, credit card debt consolidation works on the aesthetics of combining strategies that take the balances of multiple cards and convert into one monthly payment. With that, the new debt accounts for a lower annual percentage rate. Well, the rates are lower than those accounted for conventional credit cards. That makes payments more manageable and also reduces the interest cost. Additionally, there are other benefits that get added along the way. It also reduces the payoff period effectively.

Interestingly, choosing the best way to consolidate your credit card debt depends on various factors! The first and foremost being the amount of debt you have. Indeed, the amount of debt you seek for the consolidation process is an essential aspect of getting the best debt consolidation method. Further, some aspects like your credit card history and credit scores also highlight to be one of the most important factors. If you have invested in the 401(k) account or have opted for home equity, that may also be considered as an important factor to decide for a way out to the debt consolidation process.

Now, coming to the process, credit card consolidation can harm your credit score, if any of the future lenders go for a hard inquiry for a credit card loan. However, that is not much to get backslid; there will only be a few points that would matter in the debt consolidation process. Paying off all the debts on time and keeping your credit card balances low can be something that holds greater importance for improving your credit score in the long run.

Here is the list of 5 effective ways to get your credit card debt consolidated, follow now!

  • Refinancing with balance transfer credit card

If you are opting for a credit card refinancing. Knowing the various pros and cons before heading further can be an excellent idea. As far as the cons are listed, you can have a 0% introductory APR period. Well, the cons are somewhat greater in number –

  • You will have to qualify for an excellent credit for opting this option
  • The process may also carry a balance transfer fee and also account for an annual fee.
  • After 12 to 18 months, you may experience higher APR rates that kick in for debt consolidation.

Let us now delve into the process. In this option, the credit card debt gets transferred to a balance transfer credit card. There are no charges on the interest in the promotional period, which may be for 12 months to 18 months. Talking about the credit score for qualifying for this option is set to a minimum of around 690 on the FICO scale.

Most of the issuers are now charging a balance transfer fee that accounts for around 3% to 5% of the amount you wish to transfer. While in that case, some of the issuers may also charge an annual fee. So, it is essential to calculate the amount of cost of the fee and the interest you save for covering the price! Moreover, making a budget could also ease up your way for a credit card debt consolidation.

  • Credit card consolidation loan!

You can use the unsecured personal loans to get your credit card debt consolidated. If you are opting for a fixed interest rate and monthly payments, you will not be charged much. Also, you can get low APR s if your credit score ranges anything between good to excellent. Moreover, you will have access to direct payments to creditors at various sites for online lending processes.

If you do not qualify for a good credit score, it would be harder to get a low rate loan with bad credit. Online processes may incur a hefty origination fee, so you may not rest assured of their authenticity and reliability. Moreover, if you are thinking of getting a loan as an unsecured loan, you may have to apply for a credit membership in most of the credit unions. So, opting for the different ways to get your credit card loan consolidated may have to rest on a thorough process, instead of a rush!

  • Consolidation calculator

Indeed, the simplest and most effective way to get your credit card consolidation. The consolidation calculators allow you to see the various options for consolidating your credit cards. Moreover, you can also check and estimate your savings with a credit card debt consolidation loan.

In conclusion

Lastly, it is always advisable to consult an experienced tax counselor who can provide you with the details of the interest rate deductibility for tax affairs. On the whole, this credit card debt consolidation calculator proves extremely helpful in summarizing your monetary situation. With the appropriate usage of the calculator, you can administer your future planning and decide about the loan amount you can afford as per your fiscal situation.