Something is amiss on Wall Street and it’s affecting Main Street.

Werewolves lurk on Wall Street… you can’t see them, but you sense them with that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach. They are shape-shifters that only come out at night and change under the light of the full moon.

Werewolves are corrupt bankers of the “To Big to Fail” (More like – Bail Out the Crony Banks) banks, corrupt politicians who bailed them out with tax-payer dollars, and a corrupt Federal Reserve (which is not a federal entity at all, but a private bank run by the Rothchild’s for profit) who manipulate the stock market with the help of the big banks.  They are all Charlatan’s.

Then there are their spin doctors – the liberal media mouthpieces – who say everything is wonderful in the land of make believe… while ignoring people struggling to feed hungry mouths and just keep a roof over their heads do to the lack of opportunity in the land of opportunity.

Finally, there is President Obama, who lashed out at critics of his economic policy in his last State of the Union address saying, “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.”  Really, Mr. President?  Why the insecurity?

Together, these parasites work in tandem to represent the rich, pacify the poor (with free stuff), and rob from the middle class through inflation and taxation.

Is something amiss on Wall Street?  You bet!   You know it, I know it, and everyone on Main Street knows it.

Gold Is Money

“Gold is money.  Everything else is credit.” – J.P. Morgan, testifying to Congress in 1912.

In 1923, John Maynard Keynes (who’s Keynes Theory Model we use for our monetary system today) was credited with calling the gold standard a “Barbarous relic”.

But history is on the side of gold and silver having been used as money and having been used to preserved wealth throughout time, and in the last eight years, this barbarous relic of wealth has flowed from West to East.

Since 2008, the Indian and Chinese governments been buying up most of the world’s annual gold production.  China has bought whole mines, and anything they mine does not leave their country.

Russia has also increased its holdings substantially.  And various Central Banks are also hoarding this “Barbarous relic”.  For what purpose?

What do they know, and what are they preparing for, that has them buying gold?

Gold is a Protector of Property Rights

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said, “Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the ‘hidden’ confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights.”

And American’s are firm believers in property rights but not gold or silver.

Today, in America, gold and silver is a very small market.  Only about one-half (0.5%) of one percent (1%) of the people in America purchase gold and silver.  That’s only about 2,000,000 people in the U.S.

Experts say that individuals should have 5% to 10% of their portfolio invested in physical metals.

So why don’t people do it?  They insure their health, their cars and their homes, but for some odd reason they don’t insure their finances.  Why not?

Could it be that people’s financial advisors don’t make money on the trade if gold is sitting in someone’s safe?

To sum up the point of people’s lack of understanding about gold, just check out this short video from Mark Dice telling people they can have a 1oz gold coin if the Prices Is Right… it’s entertaining if nothing else.

Gold Coins & Silver Bullets

Coin collecting can be great fun, but a lot of people don’t know what to buy.  When it comes to gold coins you should start off with 1oz Gold Eagles.  Why you ask?

Well, when you go to sell Gold Eagles, you don’t have to report the sale.  And you can buy 1oz. uncirculated Gold Eagles for the least cost over the spot price.

But if you buy 1oz MS-70 Gold Eagles (Perfectly Minted Coin), you have a higher spot price, but they also tend to be worth more as prices go up.  Collectors like these coins for their perfect condition.

As far as silver 1oz. coins go, brilliant uncirculated American Silver Eagles are the most popular followed by the 1oz. brilliant uncirculated Canadian Maple Leaf.  You can buy 1 or rolls of 20 or monster boxes of 500 for Eagles and Maple Leaf’s.

Now, to give you an idea of how fun and rewarding it can be to own these, let’s remember that silver has gone as high as $50 per ounce twice (once in 2011 and once in 1980’s).  And in the next stock market meltdown, it is predicted to go even higher.

But to give you an idea of the possibilities of collecting and protecting yourself in today’s uncertain economic environment, I have given you a couple of charts to compare.

Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz. (BU)

Quantity Price Per Coin Price Today Future Price Per Coin Future Price Percent Chg.
500 $17.55 $8,755 $50.00 $25,000 +284%

American Silver Eagle 1oz. (BU)

Quantity Price Per Coin Price Today Future Price Per Coin Future Price Percent Chg.
500 $18.24 $9,120 $50.00 $25,000 +274%

Now, that’s not a bad chunk of change for having your very own personal silver bullet that keeps the wolves at bay.  And should it go higher, then it’s like saying… could you please pass the gravy?

Don’t let a few werewolves scare you.  Have your very own silver bullets, and be cocked, locked and ready to rock!

About the Author:

Having only $70 dollars to his name with no job at one point in his life, Jon considers himself an average Joe who believes in personal freedom and liberty.  He is a Petroleum Landman, a former middle school Reading teacher for special needs students, an avid coin collector and a self-declared Libertarian who likes to teach people how to better themselves financially.  You can catch him @