Whether you’re living on paycheck to paycheck or are running a multimillion business, you need to have a budget and stick to it to manage your finances properly. Now, there is a myriad of tips and tricks that can help you do that. We’ve rounded up seven of the best and most creative financial tools and methods to help you stick to your budget.

Take advantage of Mint.

Mint is one of the most popular finance tools there is. It’s a free, web-based resource that lets you manage your savings account, investments, credit cards, retirement funds and other accounts to give you a clearer picture of your financial health in an instant. Another most important task that Mint makes easier for you is to allocate a sound budget for your household. It also warns you if you’re not sticking to it. Plus, it recommends financial products that lets you save more money in the long run.

Use You Need a Budget (YNAB).

YNAB is one of those useful financial tools and budgeting software you should be using to help you allocate your money well. Aside from that, you also get access to tutorials, budgeting tricks and financial literacy classes. It also has a mobile version for both Android and iOS devices.

Take out all the options that let you cheat on your budget.

If you believe that your credit cards are the bane of your financial stability, then you either stop carrying them unless you really need to or get rid of them once and for all. You should also clear out all stored payment information on your favorite online shops so you can’t easily click on the checkout button whenever you find something you like. By doing so, you are getting rid of anything that could potentially tempt you to go over budget.

Find support.

When you’re the only one who’s running on a tight budget among your peers, it’s easy to get tempted to splurge. If you’re really committed to making your budget work and sticking to it, you have to find a group who are like you. This could be from an online forum, social group or other set of friends. That way, you’ll get more tips on how to successfully manage your finances.

Set up visual aids.

If you’re saving up for something, like a trip abroad or a dream car, post pictures or other symbols that would remind you of your goal. You can also have a big glass jar where you can place loose change, which can be your alternate savings. All of this will keep you reminded of the long-term benefits of sticking to your budget.

Get yourself educated.

Some companies organize seminars and workshops about personal finance and financial tools. Take advantage of these events because you’ll learn a lot about budgeting. You can also watch podcasts and read articles and books about financial management to know exactly what you need to do to succeed in sticking with your budget.

Follow a periodic evaluation.

You can’t always know what you’re going to spend on next week or next month. A change in career might require you to upgrade your wardrobe. A sudden illness could force you to take a huge portion of your budget. So to be always prepared for the inevitable, schedule a periodic evaluation of your budget. That way, you’ll know if you’re gearing toward your long-term financial goals.

With the help of these financial tools and tricks, you’ll be able to succeed in sticking to your budget.