Electricity And Save Money

Saving on electricity is a part of our lives that we all would like to be able to do. It seems that as more technology is launched onto the world, the more electricity that we all use. And this is not far from the truth. Every new tablet or smart phone that you get must have a way to recharge. And to save on minutes we need better internet and higher capacity wireless routers. It all takes power. As we gain new items, we use more power.

There are ways that we can combat this problem though. Follow the tips below and you will see your electricity use go down. As that goes down, your bill will decrease.

  1. Seals-Check the seals on everything in your house that has them. Windows, doors, and appliances (such as the refrigerator). If the seals are not working properly the appliance will have to run more to do its job effectively. If the doors and windows allow air flow inside to outside, and vice versa, your power bill will be higher than it needs to be.
  2. Ductwork-This is an area of the house that is commonly forgotten about. Check all the ducts and make sure that they are in good condition, and that they are sealed around the creases and edges. Have them cleaned out on a regular basis as well. At least once a year.
  3. Thermostat-Turn your temperature down a degree or two. It is not much, but it has been claimed that for every degree in change will get you a reduction of one percent on your bill. It is possible to have an electricity compare chart if you want to test this theory.
  4. Refrigerator-Turn the temperature down to the lowest setting possible, while still allowing it to keep things cold on the main part, and frozen in the small section. Same with chest freezers. Turn them down if possible.
  5. Showers-Take shorter showers to conserve the power that it takes to heat the water. Decrease the temperature of the water while in it. I know that you love it when the hot water massages your body, but we are trying to save on electricity so turn it down and save the hot water excursion for when you go on vacation.
  6. Shower head-A good shower head can reduce the amount of water that flows through, but still give you the water pressure that you expect.
  7. Clothes-Stop washing your clothes in hot water. When possible, skip using the dryer and hang your clothes out in the sun to dry.
  8. Leaks-When you see a leak get it fixed, sooner rather than later. If you suspect a leak, follow all your plumbing, and check it out. Not only will this decrease your water and power consumption, but it could prevent a minor problem from becoming a major one.
  9. Water heater-Once again it is nice to have hot water, but does it need to be so hot that it can scald you if adjusted incorrectly? Turn the temperature of the hot water heater down and you will see a difference in your bill, plus it will extend the life of it.
  10. Appliances-You knew that it was going to come to this. It is time to trade in your old dinosaurs and get more energy efficient models.
  11. Lights-For goodness sakes, turn off the lights when you leave the room. Teach everyone in the house to do the same.
  12. Smart lights-You have three options here, both of which will safe money. Install LED lights or smart bulbs, and smart light switches which can turn the lights off for you when you exit the room.
  13. Power strips-We all use power strips. Smart power strips can turn the power off to the things not being used, while still leaving the items that need power fully supplied to them.
  14. Audit-Get an energy audit. You can hire a professional or rent the necessary machine to do it yourself. This will isolate where most of your power is going.
  15. Haggle-Haggle for better prices from your provider. If not, change to a provider in your area that will.

There are many more steps and tricks that you can use to decrease your energy consumption. An entire book could be written on the subject. For now, though, follow these tips and you will see a decrease in your bill.