Auto Insurance
  • October 4, 2016
  • Peter Christoper
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Auto Insurance is an important investment for every New Yorker. We all know how much it costs to insure your car against any accidents or damage. As long as you buy a policy with required minimum limits, you will be able to drive with some protection. The lower the limit, the lower will be the auto insurance coverage, and greater exposure to the money you pay in the event of an accident. Higher limit coverage with higher premiums will maximize your coverage for potential damages.  When shopping car insurance quotes, it becomes obvious that you need to have adequate auto insurance coverage in Rochester, NY.

Can you cut some of the expenses on premium rates?  Yes, we have some thrifty techniques to reduce car insurance premiums and still comply with the law. If you are currently paying more than you need for car insurance, you can manage your monthly premium budget by reviewing and implementing some important options. Let’s go through some significant suggestions to save money on auto insurance in Rochester, NY.

#1 Search for the best deals:

Car insurance premium rates vary from company to company. There are several insurance providers with different pricing models, therefore, you need to use multiple online tools to search, compare and select one from the many available options.

#2Maintain a good credit score and a clean driving record:

Car insurers always prefer a better credit score over the bad ones. You might be surprised to know that your credit score is a deciding factor for premium rates and insurability. So, it’s important to maintain a good credit score to avail more benefits. Another factor is your driving record – the number of times you have violated traffic rules together with your accident history, will cause you to pay higher premiums.

#3 Increase your deductible:

A deductible is a specified amount of money paid by you in the event of a claim. It may cost you $200, $500 or $1,000. The more you increase your deductible, the lower the premium charged. So, raise your deductible to a higher limit to reduce the cost of your insurance premium.

#4 Know your discounts:

Insurance companies avail special discounts to some occupational categories. Nurses, teachers, some business categories may be eligible for different discount packages. You may be eligible for special rates if you have both home and auto insurance policies from a single provider.

#5 Wise Vehicle Selection:

Selection of your vehicle choice dictates the premium rates. This is because the mechanical repair cost for specific vehicles may be more complex. Auto insurers in Rochester, NY will also verify how many times a particular vehicle type has been stolen. So, it is wise to have enough information about which car is more prone to theft and accidents. By choosing a lower risk car you can easily reduce the annual insurance premiums.

#6 Install some anti-theft proof technology:

Installation of a smart anti-theft system lowers the risk for car owners. This is an important aspect for availing discounts from insurance companies. A car with additional security measures stretches your flexibility for more discounts and benefits.

#7 Multi-Vehicle Insurance:

It’s always a good idea to insure multiple vehicles from one insurance provider. Most insurance companies offer discounts on insuring multiple vehicles, which means a huge percentage of savings on each policy.

#8 Location, Location, Location:

Auto insurance in Rochester, NY varies from one area to another. So, check for the lowest offered premium rates, and ideally move to that place where costs are lower.

#9 Driver’s age, marital status, and disabilities:

Some companies offer lower premium rates for aged and disabled drivers. In some areas, marital status is also considered for discounts and rebates.

#10 Take advantage of low mileage discounts:

Drive less and save more! Some companies offer greater saving for the number of miles the car is driven per year. If they drive lesser than the predetermined number of miles on their vehicle each year, most insurance companies normally give big discounts.

In a nutshell, you can look into numerous ways to save money on your auto insurance premium.  Discuss the details of all available companies to know their basic discounts and criteria. Call us to find the best company with the lowest premium.